This is the web site of Karuna Yoga School.

With Yoga practice begins the start of a journey into a deeper understanding of all aspects of yourself. The work described here starts from Hatha Yoga principles, informed by the work of Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, and Paul Harvey, and influenced by other traditions.

Postures are about having choice in how you move and hold yourself, about re-newing long forgotten connections between your body and mind. Used in many different ways, they are also about releasing stress, developing strength, flexibility and stamina, developing your capacity to breath, and helping to maintain or recover your equilibrium on all levels. Linked with deep regular breathing in a balanced practice, they lead to a calm and focussed state.

Breathing leads the postures, giving access to the body and helping to protect from over working and associated stressful responses. Used on its own breathing practice is a tool to extend your breath capacity, and to explore the activity and nature of your mind. Breathing can reinforce and develop the calm and focus arising from posture practice, and prepare you for the experience of meditation.

Relaxation / Release of Stress arises naturally from practice which balances the work and characteristics of the postures and breathing.