On Yoga

The experience of Yoga practice
Gently stretch and move to the rhythm of your breath. Feel tension from your body ease and your mind become calm. Explore the connections between your body, breath, and mind, and how they influence your range of movement and your posture. Use your discoveries to bring about change, to improve your fitness for life, your feeling of well being and to connect more deeply within yourself.
    This is yoga

In this appraoch the form of the postures and breathing are adapted to suit each person. Students are first taught gentle controlled breathing linked to movements, and are then led on to the more classical practice of postures, breathing practices, and developing the ability to focus. The experience after a session is generally that of being physically extended, relaxed, focussed and energised.

Hatha Yoga
This is the general name for classes involving physical practice, such as postures, breathing, and locking techniques. Within this many styles have evolved over the centuries, and you may hear terms such as Iyengar Yoga, Astanga Yoga, Viniyoga, amongst many others. All have the same objective of transformation of the individual, but there are differences in the approaches.

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