Casa_Rau, Translyvania Workshops, Retreats and Holidays

Please use our contact form for more information on the events given below. Paul Riddy will be the main teacher unless otherwise stated.

Workshops explore aspects of yoga theory and practice in more detail and usually take the form of day or half-day meetings at various venues. The sessions are designed to actively engage participants through short tutor inputs, discussions in smaller groups and practice. You will be expected to actively participated. Any special requirements will be given in the event details.

Current programme
Workshops in 2017
We are running a series of workshops at:
The Mantra Rooms, Hiltingbury Road , Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 5SS

The Warrior Series of Leslie Kaminoff - Juliet James
Saturday 6th May, 10-11.45. Cost £25.00

The workshop looks at the balance of strength and stability (sthira /sukha) within postures. The session will be based on a strong practice with a focus on anatomical awareness throughout, followed by an open discussion.

Adjustment, Form and Function workshop - Paul Riddy
Saturday 15th July, 9.30-12.30, Cost £35.00

How do we help individuals to get the best out of their yoga practice? Starting from the individual and what we want to achieve, this hands-on workshop looks at the blend of assistance tutors can offer in a range of postures.

Working with Chakras: a practical approach - Juliet James
Saturday September 16th, 9.30-12.30


Innovation in Practice Paul Riddy & Juliet James
Saturday November 18th, 9.30-15.30

The reasons for introducing variety in practie include helping to maintain attention and interest. This workshops explores some core principles of yoga practice and the role of innovation in their development and enhancement. The workshop focusses on the development of practice, taking the electic yoga experiences of the tutors and blending it with ideas learned, and explored, through working in other disciplines.


Examples of previous workshops

Developing Practice Design,with Paul
(for teachers and experienced students)

Solid practice design undepins our role as teachers, and grows from an understanding of the interreraltionships between postures, breath, body and mind. The workshop reviews approaches to practice design and explores strategies for development around themes and on-the-spot adaptation to beter support students learning.

Working with Yoga during Pregnancy, with Juliet
(for teachers and experienced students)
Sunday 16 October 2011, 9.30-16.00
Portswood Residence Gardens Pavillion, Highfield, Southampton.
The physical and emotional changes a woman experiences during pregnancy require teachers to be able to recognise when adaptation is necessary and modify the individuals work appropriately. This session will overview the stages of preganncy and associated changes which may occur, and provide stategies for observation and modification of practices.

Weekends and Holidays are structured around yoga practice/discussion in the morning and evening, leaving the day and some of the evening free for other activities. Yoga practice will be suitable for all levels of experience, and the walking can range from gentle walks to demanding mountain walking, according to the group. Food is vegetarian, but we aim to give you a taste of local culture and cuisine. Some holidays have more of a cleansing focus built in, and this will indicated alongside the event details.

Retreats give an opportunity for intensive work with yoga practice and philosophy, and are based around days with a more structured programme. They are suitable for all levels of experience unless otherwise stated. Food is vegetarian, and participants are encouraged to minimise their intake of stimulating foods and drinks.


Teacher Training

BWY Teachers Diploma course
Please contact him if you are interested in joinig a course in Southampton beginning in the first part of 2018

Association for Yoga Studies (AYS) courses
     (formerly Viniyoga Britain)
Contact Paul for more information
Introductory Course

The Introductory course is for students of yoga who wish to find out or advance their knowledge of this approach, and is a requirement for those who want to continue on to join the AYS Foundation course.

Foundation Course
The Foundation course is suitable for those who want to further their understanding of yoga practice and philosophy, and has no teaching requirement. The course is 5 weekends over 6-9 months, and is a pre-requisite for those wishing to follow the AYS Practitioner course.

Retreats and Holidays
Paul is taking a break from these so there are none currently organised

Examples of typical breaks are given below.

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Yoga and Walking in Transylvania, Romania
Wake up in a traditional style house, and look down the valley at dramatic mountains. Gently greet the day with yoga practice. Based in our house in the mountains of Transylvania, the weeks blend yoga and walking with an experience of Romania culture and hospitality. Spend time walking in the mountains, exploring the culture, or just being still.
Typical cost: full board for 8 days 7 nights: two sharing, £350, excluding flights.
Next date: to be arranged